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  • OX-Event (Fri 18:30) ✗
  • 50% more Item Drop ✓
  • 50% more Gold Drop ✗
  • 50% more Experience ✗
  • Moonlight-Box Drop ✗
  • Hexagonal-Box Drop ✗
  • Find the Flags ✗

Kingdom Points

  • Every Monday 20% extra exp, drops and gold for the winner! (for 1 Week)

Oriental Characters and Architecture in a Fantasy-Empire of exotic martial-arts

Move through realistic villages in the far east and let the atmosphere of the Asian warriors take hold of your mind. In the near future you not only will fight with sword and bow, but you will also have the ability to use the refined way of the Bells and Fans.

Intelligent monsters will attack you in groups

You can inflict heavy wounds to multiple enemies at once. But be careful: When one monster is defeated, the others will not leave you alone. You must be especially wary in areas around the Metin Stones!

Create or become a member of a powerful guild and take complete control your empire.

As a member of a guild the results of your Guild Fights will have effects on both every guild member and the guild itself. You must fight to gain possession of one of the rare strongholds. As your guild´s might rises, you will get the chance to use Non-Player-Characters in your stronghold and train them to be more effective.

Fight other empires in the middle of the continent.

In hand-to-hand combat you will fight against other players from different empires for the domination of the continent. The victorious empire gains possession of money and land. You will gain Glory and Honour, as well as, earn a higher military ranking and lead other guild members in future Kingdom Battles.







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